Delicious & Ethical: The Meantime partners with Carrboro Coffee Roasters, "the premiere small-batch artisan roaster in the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area and beyond," to bring UNC the finest and freshest coffee from around the world.


What is Direct Relationship coffee?


The coffee industry has a history of exploiting small farmers and the environment in order to turn a profit. However, The Meantime cares about quality coffee, local and global communities, and the environment; we promote ethical alternatives that are better for our campus, our community, and our world. Carrboro Coffee Roasters utilizes a Direct Relationship approach to sourcing and roasting their coffee in order to give all three of those arenas the regard they deserve. This model cuts out the middle-men and promotes respectful collaboration between coffee growers and CCR, allowing the roasters to be diligent about their coffee, labor, and environmental standards. 

The choices we make, even about our caffeine cravings, impact our community and our world. The Meantime serves as an outlet for the Carolina community to consume responsibly and ensure that each cup of coffee empowers small coffee farmers and UNC students alike. 

"Frequent visits with the owners of these magnificent small coffee farms changed the nature of our buying process. Instead of merely exchanging cash for coffee, we began exchanging ideas and information that was mutually beneficial. This investment of time, energy and loyalty creates a unique bond. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be able to buy entire lots from these farmers, becoming the exclusive outlet for their crop."