Chief Executive Officer - Oznur Ikiz

“Meantime shaped my whole experience at Carolina, and already gave me so much that I cannot possibly begin to pay back. I am incredibly honored and grateful to have the opportunity to serve and give back to this wonderful organization, its staff and community.”

Favorite drink: Drip coffee


Chief Human Resources Officer - Elizabeth Moore

Quote: “I love the community we've built around the people—from employees to customers—and the global impact.”

Favorite drink: 8 oz. Americano no room


Chief Marketing Officer - Dhvani Bhatia

“I want find new and cool ways to engage with our customers and to share our story to make sure the Meantime is known for more than its coffee.”

Favorite drink: Iced lavender latte


Chief Operations Officer - Fehmi Zengince

“The family atmosphere at Meantime is something that I'll cherish for the rest of my life.”

Favorite drink: Oak milk hazelnut latte

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Chief Financial Officer - Geoff Bell

Goeff will be serving as CFO for the rest of the 2018-19 school year.

“My favorite part of The Meantime is that it is student-founded and student-operated. There aren’t many organizations with this sort of scale that can say that.”

Favorite drink: Drip coffee with no cream or sugar


Chief Financial Officer - Jack Robertson

Jack will take over as CFO in Fall 2019

Jack wants to continue making The Meantime a sustainable organization by developing its institutional memory.

Favorite drink: London fog