The UNC Center for Civil Rights aims to use community-based impact advocacy and legal education and scholarship to advance strategies that secure social, economic and environmental justice for low wealth, minority families and neighborhoods.

The Center’s three-pronged mission is to

  • Equip future generations of attorneys with the skills to secure fair and equal opportunities for minority and low-income people
  • Lead in influencing public policies and develop innovative, effective, and sustainable programs that remove racial and economic inequalities; and
  • Represent, educate, and advocate for minority and low-income people building their capacity to remove unfair racial and economic barriers and to improve their own communities.

The Meantime Coffee Co. is UNC’s first student-run, non-profit coffee shop located in the lobby of the Campus Y, UNC’s hub for social justice.

We strive to provide students with hands-on business experience, to reinvest profits into student grants and scholarships, to support other student food ventures and local businesses, and to foster conscious consumption within the local community.

The Meantime fully supports the Center’s mission of upholding social and economic justice. In the current social and political climate, we believe the Center’s contributions to our community are essential and invaluable.

On September 8, the UNC Board of Governors approved a ban on litigation that prevents the Center from providing legal services to those who need them most.

The Meantime Coffee Co. will be taking donations until October 18th to support the Center and its work.